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Rugged UPS
An IntelliPower double conversion Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) is an electrical module that provides emergency, uninterrupted power to mission-critical loads when the input power source or mains power fails. It will provide near-instantaneous protection from input power interruptions, by supplying energy stored in lead acid or lithium iron phosphate batteries. They do this by filtering and converting incoming utility power to DC power. They then convert the DC power to a perfect AC output from the inverter. The inverter is also supported by a DC source that may include batteries or flywheels.

The on-battery run-time of a UPS is relatively short (sometimes only a few minutes) but sufficient to start a standby power source or properly shut down the protected equipment.

IntelliPower’s Digital Technology, Double Conversion On-Line UPS offer flexible features, modular configurability and cost-effective support to exactly fit customer applications. We utilize digitally controlled UPS high efficiency power switching technology that has been proven over many years.

IntelliPower’s in-house developed proprietary circuit design, DSP firmware/software technology and wide range of enclosure designs give IntelliPower the unmatched capabilities to deliver expert support and configurable solutions.

Power Conditioners
An IntelliPower Power Conditioner is an electronic module intended to improve the quality of the power that is delivered to electrical load equipment and acts in one or more ways to deliver a voltage of the proper level and characteristics to enable load equipment to function properly. It filters & conditions the AC line to support military, industrial and commercial transient and emissions standards.

IntelliPower Power Conditioners have all the features and benefits of a UPS, aside from battery backup. When lower weight or lower costs may be a requirement in your specifications, consider a power conditioner.

Voltage & Frequency Converters
IntelliPower conversion solutions support the need to convert varying input AC voltages and varying input frequencies to different output voltages and frequencies as well as for conversion of DC to AC and AC to DC. They take incoming power, normally 50 or 60 Hz and convert it to 400 Hz output power (for instance, on Navy warship combat systems equipment that are powered by 400 Hz for noise reduction).

Power Distribution Units
IntelliPower’s basic and intelligent Power Distribution Units (PDUs) can be designed as one outlet that can be segmented with multiple outputs that distribute reliable output power to servers and racks of networking and communications equipment located in a single area. Each output receptacle has its own combined On/Off switch and magnetic hydraulic circuit breaker with flip-top covers to avoid accidental operation of switches. PDUs are often utilized with 3-phase power input and 1-phase power output.

External Battery Modules
IntelliPower designs and builds External Battery Modules (EBM) with optional battery chemistries that provide expanded battery run times during power outages for UPSs with internal batteries. Where our run time specification cannot be supported only by internal UPS batteries, we offer EBMs that simply plug into the back of our UPS's.

External Battery Chargers
IntelliPower offers high-rated External Battery Chargers (EBC) which are used mostly for larger batteries and for greater quantities of batteries in parallel requiring a more powerful charger than the internal UPS battery chargers.

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