Intelligent Transportation Systems

AMETEK IntelliPower products have been field-proven with superior performance and safety in extreme temperatures.


Some of the most prominent ITS technologies such as CCTV pole mounted cameras, vehicle detection systems, digital traffic signs, video cameras, electronic toll collection, ramp meters, red light cameras, etc. have been deployed across the country and all need rugged back-up power supply for equipment that consistently experiences power disruptions.

When this happens, it can cause damage to critical equipment, traffic intersections to go dark, and have many other adverse effects on the bottom line. AMETEK IntelliPower UPS systems utilize online double-conversion technology which isolates equipment from raw utility power or generators and produces a regulated pure sine wave output that protects sensitive electronics from every power anomaly imaginable.

Our rugged products are designed for extreme temperatures and challenging shock and vibration environments. We design rugged UPS products exclusively for intelligent transportation systems that are built to operate in extreme outdoor environments.

Our unique use of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery technology (10x longer cycle life than its lead acid equivalent) within a half-rack UPS offers a smaller footprint inside NEMA outdoor cabinets and results in smart long-term solution.

With over 35 years of designing and manufacturing only rugged, digitally intelligent UPS solutions for harsh environments, AMETEK IntelliPower products have been field-proven with superior performance and safety in extreme temperatures and achieves a lower total cost of ownership. Manufactured in the USA means shorter lead times from design to shipping and a high level of personalized service unequaled in the marketplace.

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