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Here at IntelliPower, we specialize in one thing and that is world class, rugged power protection systems for extreme indoor and outdoor environments. We are a leader in this industry with our durable design, advanced technology and state-of-the-art features and functionality that are incorporated into the largest product portfolio in this market.

At the beginning and end of every day, our mission is to solve your most challenging back-up power issues, making your job easier. We have constructed each and every feature to provide the ultimate protection for your valuable electronic equipment. With all of our systems designed and manufactured in the USA, you know you will get the support and personalized service that is essential in supporting your applications. Please take a few minutes to peruse our top competitive advantages and capabilities.

IntelliPower UPS capabilities

Top Capabilities

Rugged, Corrosion Resistant & Lasting Design

All systems utilize circuit boards, chassis and components that are specifically selected or designed based upon mechanical endurance and proven performance in harsh indoor and outdoor applications.

Built for Demanding, Extreme Environments around the World

Environmental hazards include shock, vibration, altitude, extreme temperatures, humidity, fungus, blowing sand, dust, rain, snow and explosive atmospheres.

Cutting Edge Technology

IntelliPower will continue to stay at the forefront of power conversion and digital DSP advanced technology due to strong engineering development programs. Our power electronics products include Zero Volt Switching (ZVS) or soft switching and high frequency power conversion phase shifting technologies for improved efficiency.

Multiple Communications Protocols

Power management software and a wide range of communications protocol support; SNMP - OID and MIB support, RS232, Ethernet/IP Common Industrial Protocol (CIP), MODBUS, Dry/Discrete Contacts. 

Power Factor Correction

Our UPS products include a power factor correction (PFC) measure that corrects input voltage and current wave forms. IntelliPower's PFC feature creates a higher power factor approaching near unity (near 1) which translates into greater energy efficiency and significant cost savings.

Galvanic Isolation

Our product solutions include galvanic input to output electrical isolation providing superior power conditioning for noise immunity and compatibility with any power sources. Our isolation solutions include line frequency transformers and high frequency power electronics technologies with the high frequency versions greatly reducing the weight.

Global Voltage and Frequency 

Both domestic and international flexibility with global wide range AC input capabilities from 80-270VAC, DC voltage inputs, 3-phase input, global output voltages that are selectable and DC outputs and frequency inputs from 45Hz to 450Hz.

Safe Shutdown, Monitoring and Control

Applications are available for several operating systems and virtualization hypervisors such as Microsoft Hyper V, Microsoft Windows, MAC, Linux, FreeBSD, VMWare ESX & EXXi, Solaris 10, Novell; and processors such as x86, Power PC, SPARC, Tru64 and more.

Battery Long-Life Performance, Technology and Mounting

Lead acid, pure lead acid and wide temperature lithium iron phosphate chemistry batteries allowing for diverse size, weight, run time and temperature requirements; Our front panel hot swap battery drawer designs allow batteries to be replaced while the UPS is operating by removing several captive thumb screws or standard screws; temperature compensated battery charging.

Building Block Methodology

Mixing and matching of proven components to meet the requirements of your application without raising costs or compromising performance. More information on our methodology.

Robust Product Portfolio

On-line double conversion uninterruptible power systems, frequency converters, power conditioners and inverters, external battery packspower distribution units, battery chargers, cables, cabinets and power management software.

Designed and Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Unlike competitors who offer limited repackaged commercial products manufactured in Asia, IntelliPower offers standard, modified or custom solutions that are designed, manufactured and tested to meet your needs, and completely designed and built in the USA.

Generator, Solar, Wind and Power Threat Protection

Protection against  generator and grid power threats such as brownouts, blackouts, sags, surges, spikes, sustained over voltage and more.

Wide Range of Enclosure Types

We offer hundreds of existing standard enclosures that include rugged steel, aluminum, powder coated, rack mount, free standing tower or table top, wall mount applications, sealed cabinets such as IP65 and zone 1 rated for hazardous locations, self-cooling cabinets, deployable transit cases and flight-ready briefcase units.  In addition to wide ranges of UPS or Power Conversion standard models, IntelliPower is capable of efficiently designing new enclosures for users who require specific versions.

Component Options

Hot Swap Battery Drawers, Slide Rail Kits, PCB Conformal Coating, Firmware, Fan Filters, Electromagnetic Filters, PCB Layouts, Transformers, Breakers, Switches, Cables; Extreme Temperature Batteries – Lead Acid, Pure Lead Acid, Lithium Iron; Connectors – NEMA, IEC, Circular Mil, Screw Terminal, Spring Terminal, Schuko

2,000+ Module Variations 

Power levels ranging from 150 to 8,000 watts meeting 100% of your project requirements.

Field Tested and Proven for Over 30 Years

We have developed our proprietary circuit design, electronics hardware, DSP firmware, software technology and enclosure designs in house, which provides us with a unique capability to meet virtually any of your application requirements to include completely sealed systems.

Military Standards Compliance

IntelliPower has extensive experience meeting MIL-STDs and shipboard applications. Our products are designed to meet requirements from conception. IntelliPower has its own EMI test lab and professional shielded screen room to help facilitate verification and compliance. 

Military Programs

IntelliPower supports many military programs requiring large flows of products and has always met the customers' requirements for quantities, quality and reliability. List of programs available upon request.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Facility/CE Mark/ANSI/IEEE C62.41

IntelliPower is committed to customer satisfaction by delivering power system solutions and services that meet or exceed customer requirements through design innovation and continuous improvement.

Legacy Product Manufacturing and Support

In addition to new and innovative solutions, IntelliPower continues to support and manufacture legacy products rather than obsoleting and replacing with new models.

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