Special Function Circuitry

Meeting your specific requirements
Different UPS applications require special function circuitry to support the specific project requirements of our customers. Our modular "building block" design approach affords us ultimate ease and flexibility in tailoring solutions such as these to meet your needs.

IntelliPower special function circuity offerings include the following:

The Emergency Power Off (EPO) Control is a safety mechanism that enables an immediate power down of all systems attached to the UPS in the event of an emergency.
 IntelliPower Emergency Power Off (EPO) Control
The Remote Shut-Down Switch enables the UPS to be remotely shut down.  IntelliPower remote hardwire DB25 connector
Maintenance Bypass is a means of electrically isolating the rack in which the UPS is installed and re-routing power from the mains to enable safe routine maintenance.  IntelliPower maintenance bypass switch
The Shipboard Neutral Bond/Un-Bond Switch configures the output neutral leg to be either bonded or un-bonded for shipboard applications.   IntelliPower Shipboard neutral Bond and unbond functionality
A Cold Start Button is a method to start the UPS on internal battery power only in the event that the mains are not available.  IntelliPower coll start Button
A Battle Short switch is a UPS protection circuitry that will be disabled so that the system will not shut down and be allowed to fail during times of crisis.  IntelliPower battle short switch
Elapsed Time Metering functionality provides cumulative on battery run-time of the UPS.  IntelliPower elapsed time metering function
Remote Hardwire Systems Control DB25 is a dry relay contact closure to support special functionality.  IntelliPower Hardwire System Control DB25 Functionality

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